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Pepper Sprays

Personal Sprays

Your Personal Spray Protector is designed for quick and accurate spraying. It causes profuse lachrymation (tears), a painful burning sensations, coughing and choking. The spray wears off after about 20 minutes without causing permanent harm.

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Hand-held Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Security Alarm (PSSA)

This is a unique, innovative, proven means of keeping intruders OUT of an area whether it be in your house, office, warehouse or restaurant. This form of physical security causes no damage to the area or its contents and greatly minimizes the possibility of theft.

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The Pepper Spray Security Alarm (PSSA) operates on a 12-volt supply in conjunction with your existing alarm system. Your security company is to provide the connection to the PSSA. Your security company is to first install the demonstration deodorant canister to ensure its operation, however should you want us to install the PSSA, one of our certified installers can easily do the installation for you.

Sold as a complete package, the PSSA requires only to be connected to your 12-volt alarm system at the appropriate area for protection and installed at a height of 2200mm from the floor.

Upon intrusion, your security alarm panel will detect the intruder (s) and send a 12-volt supply to the PSSA. This will then release the spray into the air within the protected area for a few seconds. This will cause lachrymation ( tears) and coughing. Pepper sprays are a legal means of security in Western Australia. To clear the area open doors and windows to allow the spray to escape.

The spray does not cause staining or damage to merchandise. The canister should be replaced every 12 months.