358 Mesh

358 Mesh Image 1

Anti-climb weld mesh system (also known as prison mesh or 358 mesh) is predominantly used in fencing systems designed to bring maximum perimeter protection to a site without impeding visibility (which is important for human patrols or video surveillance). Anti-climb fence has been universally accepted as the most secure form of welded mesh panel commercially available, with significant inherent advantages over products such as chain link fencing or other forms of welded mesh fencing.

See the 358 Mesh Fence here.

With this design there is NO access to the nut or bolt when using the Spider Clamp.

Anti-climb mesh panel is made of galvanized steel wire (and can then be optionally polyester powder and/or Epoxy coated) in an aperture configuration of 76.2 mm vertical wire (also called line wire) pitch by 12.7 mm horizontal wire (also called cross wire) pitch. This means there is a clear opening between horizontal wires of less than 9 mm - inadequate to insert hand tools for cutting the mesh. The vertical wires of the mesh further restrict the opening available forming small rectangles throughout the panel. This Anti climb fence is therefore extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools and gives a delay time several times greater than traditional fencing products, such as chain link mesh.

358 Mesh Image 2

The closeness of the horizontal wires in this Anti climb fence also makes for a mesh panel almost impossible to grip (as shown in the left).

358 Mesh Image 2

The mesh apertures are finger/toe proof and the closeness of the horizontal wires gives excellent visibility through the mesh both from head-on and angled directions. The welded mesh panels have a non-aggressive appearance with pleasant aesthetics further adding to their pre-eminence over other wire fencing panels. Finally unlike chain link fencing the welded mesh will not unravel or lose stability if cut - every intersection of every wire is individually welded throughout the mesh panel.

Its unique configuration makes it ideal for applications such as military, energy, airport, schools and other sensitive site perimeter fencing.