Tile Safe AST 95 Anti Slip Floor Treatment

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Great Grip for wet floors with unique AST 95 - scientifically formulated and patented

Crippling accidents happen in a split second! Suddenly you're faced with shock, pain and the embarrassment of a crippling fall on a wet tiled floor.

Just one slip may have long term consequences! Imagine the effects of a life-long injury - years of pain and suffering, the enormous trauma of crippling expenses, loss of income and possible lawsuits - quite apart from the incredible stress and inconvenience.

You face horrendous risks. Yes, in your home, office, factory, shop, restaurant, school or warehouse, lies a common hazard slipping on a wet tile floor. It takes a split second and it could cripple you for life!

Why risk it? Prevent pain, anger, suffering, embarrassment, lawsuits and crippling medical expenses now - with advanced formula AST 95. The amazing one-step solution treatment that gives grip in wet conditions. AST 95 is a unique scientifically developed and patented product. It is not a coating, so it cannot rub off or wear out. It actually becomes part of your tile!

Slippery tiles? Don't risk split second accidents! Our unique AST 95 makes slippery tiles safe. AST 95 is a patented twin solution process:

  • It is not an "acid-etch and is therefore unlike anything currently available in Australia.
  • AST 95 reduces public liability at the workplace and public areas (such as shopping centres and swimming pools).
  • AST 95 works so that you can immediately walk on treated tiles.
  • AST 95 is not a do-it-yourself product. Training is required to ensure correct application.
  • AST 95 is only supplied to registered licenced applicators.

Tests undertaken at Curtin University reveal AST 95's ability to render tiles far in excess of the current Australian Standards AS/NZS 3661.1:1993 recommended coefficient of friction figures. Approved by the Health Department.

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