Palisade Fence - much more than a fence

Good Looking The classic Palisade has a neat appearance and can be colour coated to match a particular installation.
Long Lasting Normal life of the palisade is in excess of 25 years without any major maintenance and it becomes an investment in security.
High Security The Palisade fence prohibits the use of hiding places by intruders.
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Palisade Fence Image 1

With the smooth external surface (no "helpful" projections), intrusion is greatly resisted. Horizontal rails are widely spaced and spaces between pales deter climbing.

The gates, also fabricated of palisade, provide the same deterrent to climbing and resistance to forcible attack as the fencing system itself.

The corrugated palisade resists bending and is fabricated to prevent cutting, dismantling or being deformed.

Much more than a fence.

Palisade Fence Image 1

This Security Fencing System now incorporates the ideas gained from close association over many years with the public service industries, government departments, architects, civil engineers and contractors. We now offer the wider and narrow security profile coupled with a variety of formed heads.