Pepper Sprays

Personal Sprays

Your Personal Spray Protector is designed for quick and accurate spraying. It causes profuse lachrymation (tears), a painful burning sensations, coughing and choking. The spray wears off after about 20 minutes without causing permanent harm.

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Hand-held Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Security Alarm (PSSA)

Burglary and theft statistics suggest that concerns regarding the safety of personal and business property are well founded. The Pepper Spray Security Alarm (PSSA) unit is a unique way to keep intruders from entering homes and businesses – one that is both safe and reliable.


Once activated, the pepper-based spray immediately renders the area protected and entry (and therefore theft or vandalism), all but impossible. The spray is released for three seconds which will secure an area of approximately 40m sq. If the sensor is triggered again, another three-second burst of spray will be released. This will continue until the sensor is no longer triggered. It is a simple matter of opening doors and windows to allow the spray to escape.


To view PSSA components, installation and operation please watch the YouTube video below.




Warning signs are to be placed at each point of entry that the PSSA has been installed and will be activated upon intrusion.

  • Easy to install and operate, the PSSA is a stand-alone unit with its own sensor and LED light display to indicate when the unit is armed or disarmed.
  • Each unit comes with two operating remote controls to arm/disarm the unit.
  • The remote operates from outside of the premises turning the PSSA on and off.