Razor Wire

Razor Wire Image 1

Razor wire has a central strand of high tensile wire, and a steel tape punched into a shape with barbs. The steel tape is cold crimped tightly to the wire. Razor wire is manufactured with a galvanized tape (Zinc coating ranging from 120 gsm to 275 gsm) and Galvanized core wire (dia: 2.5mm) with zinc coating 90 gsm to 275 gsm). For more critical applications stainless steel tape and stainless steel core wire is used.

Razor wire is avaiable in two forms:

  • Unclipped
  • Clipped in concertina form
Razor Wire Image 2

Razor wire in concertina form, the coils diameter ranges from 300mm to 1200mm. Lower diameters usually consist of three clips per loop and higher diameters consist of five to seven clips per loop.

Razor wires are manufactured in the following five blades :