Trolley Locks

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Catena - Probably the worlds safest trolley lock!

The Catena 4 housing as well as the coin explores are made from zamic (reinforced zinc), the coin insert is of titanium reinforced zamic. Key, chain, all inner parts and clamps are made from stainless steel.

The Catena 4 lock comes standard with 3 different codes (red, blue and yellow) which are a patent to Catena locks only.

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Catena 3 Trolley Lock

The special construction prevents the deposit from being released other than by returning the trolley to the supermarket or designated trolley park.

Child safe, Return-Safe, Environment-safe

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The Catena Lock System:

  • reduces the amount of vandalised or damaged trolleys
  • reduces the damage to vehicles in the parking area
  • reduces the amount of abandonded trolleys in the local community
  • improves the return cycle of the trolleys to the store ensuring that a trolley in good condition is always available to the customer.

Based on 15 years' experience the Catena lock satisfies current recycling demands.